2010 Publications

Confinement-induced quorum sensing of individual Staphylococcus aureus bacteria.
Carnes, E. C.; Lopez, D. M.; Donegan, N. P.; Cheung, A.; Gresham, H.; Timmins, G. S.; Brinker, C. J. Nat Chem Biol 2010, 6, 41-45.

DNA translocation through an array of kinked nanopores.
Chen, Z.; Jiang, Y. B.; Dunphy, D. R.; Adams, D. P.; Hodges, C.; Liu, N. G.; Zhang, N.; Xomeritakis, G.; Jin, X. Z.; Aluru, N. R.; Gaik, S. J.; Hillhouse, H. W.; Brinker, C. J. Nature Materials 2010, 9, 667-675.

Cell-Directed Integration into Three-Dimensional Lipid-Silica Nanostructured Matrices.
Harper, J. C.; Khirpin, C. Y.; Carnes, E. C.; Ashley, C. E.; Lopez, D. M.; Savage, T.; Jones, H. D. T.; Davis, R. W.; Nunez, D. E.; Brinker, L. M.; Kaehr, B.; Brozik, S. M.; Brinker, C. J.. ACS Nano 2010, 4, 5539-5550.

Numerical Simulation of Ethanol-Water-NaCl Droplet Evaporation.
Jiang, X.; Ward, T. L.; van Swol, F.; Brinker, C. J.. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 2010, 49, 5631-5643.

Rigid templating of high surface-area, mesoporous, nanocrystalline rutile using a polyether block amide copolymer template.
Jiang, X. M.; Brinker, C. J. Chemical Communications 2010, 46, 6123-6125.

Aerosol fabrication of hollow mesoporous silica nanoparticles and encapsulation of L-methionine as a candidate drug cargo.
Jiang, X. M.; Ward, T. L.; Cheng, Y. S.; Liu, J. W.; Brinker, C. J. Chemical Communications 2010, 46, 3019-3021.

Using bacterial cell growth to template catalytic asymmetry.
Kaehr, B.; Brinker, C. J. Chemical Communications 2010, 46, 5268-5270.

Salt-induced lipid transfer between colloidal supported lipid bilayers.
Kendall, E. L.; Mills, E.; Liu, J. W.; Jiang, X. M.; Brinker, C. J.; Parikh, A. N. Soft Matter 2010, 6, 2628-2632.

Mechanically tunable multiphoton fabricated protein hydrogels investigated using atomic force microscopy.
Khripin, C. Y.; Brinker, C. J.; Kaehr, B. Soft Matter 2010, 6, 2842-2848.

Strong Purcell enhancement of emission from close-packed colloidal quantum-dots in a photonic-lattice cavity.
Luk, T. S.; Xiong, S.; Farfan, B. G.; Chow, W. W.; El-Kady, I.; Miao, X.; Resnick, P. J.; Su, M. F.; Subramania, G.; Taha, M. R.; Brinker, C. J. New York, 2010.       See ieexploredigitallibrary

Surface plasmon enhanced fluorescence emission inside metal nanoshells.
Miao, X.; Luk, T.-S.; Brener, I.; Ashley, C.; Xiong, S.; Peabody, D.; Brinker, C. J.  Conference: Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) and Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference (QELS)16-21 May 2010.

An inorganic-organic proton exchange membrane for fuel cells with a controlled nanoscale pore structure.
Moghaddam, S.; Pengwang, E.; Jiang, Y. B.; Garcia, A. R.; Burnett, D. J.; Brinker, C. J.; Masel, R. I.; Shannon, M. A. Nature Nanotechnology 2010, 5, 230-236.

Integration of a Close-Packed Quantum Dot Monolayer with a Photonic-Crystal Cavity Via Interfacial Self-Assembly and Transfer.
Xiong, S. S.; Miao, X. Y.; Spencer, J.; Khripin, C.; Luk, T. S.; Brinker, C. J. Small 2010, 6, 2126-2129.