2004 Publications

Evaporation-induced self-assembly: Functional nanostructures made easy.
Brinker, C. J. MRS Bulletin 2004, 29, 631-640.

Self-assembly of ordered, robust, three-dimensional gold nanocrystal/silica arrays.
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Characterization of self-assembled lamellar thermoresponsive silica-hydrogel nanocomposite films.
Garnweitner, G.; Smarsly, B.; Assink, R.; Dunphy, D. R.; Scullin, C.; Brinker, C. J. Langmuir 2004, 20, 9811-9820.

Photoregulation of mass transport through a photoresponsive azobenzene-modified nanoporous membrane.
Liu, N. G.; Dunphy, D. R.; Atanassov, P.; Bunge, S. D.; Chen, Z.; Lopez, G. P.; Boyle, T. J.; Brinker, C. J. Nano Letters 2004, 4, 551-554.

Controlled synthesis of 2-D and 3-D dendritic platinum nanostructures.
Song, Y. J.; Yang, Y.; Medforth, C. J.; Pereira, E.; Singh, A. K.; Xu, H. F.; Jiang, Y. B.; Brinker, C. J.; van Swol, F.; Shelnutt, J. A. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2004, 126, 635-645.

A general route to macroscopic hierarchical 3D nanowire networks.
Wang, D. H.; Luo, H. M.; Kou, R.; Gil, M. P.; Xiao, S. G.; Golub, V. O.; Yang, Z. Z.; Brinker, C. J.; Lu, Y. F.. Angewandte Chemie-International Edition 2004, 43, 6169-6173.

Unusual hydrocarbon chain packing mode and modification of crystallite growth habit in the self-assembled nanocomposites zinc-aluminum-hydroxide oleate and elaidate (cis- and trans-[Zn2Al(OH)(6)(CH3(CH2)(7)CH=CH(CH2)(7)COO-)] and magnesium analogues.
Xu, Z. P.; Braterman, P. S.; Yu, K.; Xu, H. F.; Wang, Y. F.; Brinker, C. J. Chemistry of Materials 2004, 16, 2750-2756.