Congratulations to Brinker Group Members 2020 NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Recipients

April 20, 2020

  1. 2020 Erin Archibeck, REU program at the University of New Mexico
  2. 2020 Esmeralda Arreguin-Martinez, the NSF Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Talent Expansion Program
  • Erin Archibeck:

I participated in the REU program at the University of New Mexico in the Biological and Chemical department with The Brinker Research Team. My research project centered on creating nanoparticles that are loaded with a hydrophobic cancer drug while still having the capacity to be stable in biorelevant media. The end goal for these nanoparticles is to target the delivery of drugs to cancer cells, minimizing the impact on healthy tissues. With the help of Dr. Noureddine, I created Iron Oxide-Organosilica-PEG Nanoparticles that will ultimately be used to efficiently deliver chemotherapy drugs exclusively to cancer cells. By doing so, much less of the chemotherapy drug will be needed and healthy cells will no longer be compromised.  During my time at the University of New Mexico, my aspiration to combine my skills in mechanical engineering with bio-focused applications was confirmed. I will be completing a Masters program in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Notre Dame before heading to Northwestern University to complete my PhD in Biomedical Engineering. 

  • Esmeralda Arreguin-Martinez:

Esmeralda began research in the Brinker lab as part of the NSF Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Talent Expansion Program. Her work involved optimizing synthesis methods of multi-compartment metal-organic framework nanocomposites. After completing a post-bac at the University of Michigan, she will continue her graduate studies at the University of Washington in the Biological Physics, Structure, and Design program.


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