2007 Publications

Optical detection of ion-channel-induced proton transport in supported phospholipid bilayers.
Yang, TH; Yee, CK; Amweg, ML; Singh, S; Kendall, EL; Dattelbaum, AM; Shreve, AP; Brinker, CJ; Parikh, AN. Nano Letters; 2007; v.7, no.8, p.2446-2451.

Sub-10 nm Thick Microporous Membranes Made by Plasma-Defined Atomic Layer Deposition of a Bridged Silsesquioxane Precursor.
Jiang, YB; Xomeritakis, G; Chen, Z; Dunphy, D; Kissel, DJ; Cecchi, JL; Brinker, CJ. JACS, 2007, vol. 129, p. 15446-15447.

Cell-directed assembly of bio/nano interfaces - A new scheme for cell immobilization.
Baca, HK; Carnes, E; Singh, S; Ashley, C; Lopez, D; Brinker, CJ. Accounts of Chemical Research, 2007, v.40, no.9, p.836-845.

Modulus–density scaling behaviour and framework architecture of nanoporous self-assembled silicas.
Fan, HY.; Hartshorn, C; Buchheit, T; Tallant, D; Assink, R; Simpson; R; Kissel, DJ; Lacks, DJ; Torquato, S; and Brinker, CJ. Nature Materials, 2007, 6, p. 418-423.

Amphotericin B channels in phospholipid membrane-coated nanoporous silicon surfaces: Implications for photovoltaic driving of ions across membranes.
Yilma, S; Liu, N; Samoylov, A; Lo, T; Brinker, CJ; Vodyanoy,V. Biosensors and Bioelectronics, 2007, 22, no.8, p.1605-1611.

Nanocrystalline mesoporous palladium activated tin oxide thin films as room-temperature hydrogen gas sensors.
De, G; KÖhn, R, Xomeritakis, G; and Brinker, CJ. Chem Comm, 2007, no. 18, p. 1840-1842.

Large-Conductance Cholesterol-Amphotericin B Channels in Reconstituted Lipid Bilayers.
Yilma, S; Cannon-Sykora, J; Samoylov, A; Lo, T; Liu, N; Brinker, CJ; Neely, WC; Vodyanoy, V.
Biosensors and Bioelectronics, February 15, 2007, vol. 22, no. 7, p. 1359-1367.

Anodic Alumina supported Dual-Layer Microporous Silica Membranes.
G. Xomeritakis, N.G. Liu, Z. Chen, Y.B. Jiang, R. Kohn, P.E. Johnson, C.Y. Tsai, P.B. Shah, S. Khalil, S. Singh and C.J. Brinker. Journal of Membrane Science, 2007, vol. 287, no. 2, p. 157-161.