Prof. Jeff Brinker to join as an Associate Editor for ACS Nano

April 22, 2019

Nominations are now open for the 2019 ACS Nano award lectures, which will return to ChinaNano this coming August.1−6 As in previous years, one award lecture will be given for each of the three regions: Africa/ Europe/Middle East, the Americas, and Asia/Pacific. In addition to their award lecture, each laureate is invited to write a Perspective or other forward-looking article for publication in ACS Nano and may invite a colleague to give a scientifically or otherwise related supporting lecture in the award symposium.

Beyond the nominations we receive, all authors who have published at least as many articles in ACS Nano as we have had volumes (13 this year) and are otherwise eligible are considered as well. This year’s selection committee includes ACS Nano editors Profs. Jill Millstone, Molly Stevens, Andrew Wee, and Paul Weiss, as well as Nano Letters editor Prof. Guangjun Nie, representing ChinaNano. Previous winners, ACS Nano editors, and Prof. Nie are not eligible.7 We look forward to your nominations, which consist simply of a supporting letter and a list of relevant publications (a cv can be substituted for the list of publications). Our fall meeting of ACS Nano editors and other events will also once again be held at ChinaNano. We look forward to seeing many of you in Beijing!

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