2013 Publications

Quartz on Silicon.
Brinker, C. J.; Clem, P. G.. Science 2013, 340, 818-819.

Chemically exfoliated MoS2 as near-infrared photothermal agents.
Chou, S. S.; Kaehr, B.; Kim, J.; Foley, B. M.; De, M.; Hopkins, P. E.; Huang, J.; Brinker, C. J.; Dravid, V. P.. Angew Chem Int Ed Engl 2013, 52, 4160-4164.

Mesoporous silica-supported lipid bilayers (protocells) for DNA cargo delivery to the spinal cord.
Dengler, E. C.; Liu, J.; Kerwin, A.; Torres, S.; Olcott, C. M.; Bowman, B. N.; Armijo, L.; Gentry, K.; Wilkerson, J.; Wallace, J.; Jiang, X.; Carnes, E. C.; Brinker, C. J.; Milligan, E. D.. Journal of Controlled Release 2013, 168, 209-224 (Cover).

Lithographically Defined Macroscale Modulation of Lateral Fluidity and Phase Separation Realized via Patterned Nanoporous Silica-Supported Phospholipid Bilayers.
Kendall, E. L.; Ngassam, V. N.; Gilmore, S. F.; Brinker, C. J.; Parikh, A. N. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013, 135, 15718-15721.

Two-Wave Nanotherapy To Target the Stroma and Optimize Gemcitabine Delivery To a Human Pancreatic Cancer Model in Mice.
Meng, H.; Zhao, Y.; Dong, J.; Xue, M.; Lin, Y.-S.; Ji, Z.; Mai, W. X.; Zhang, H.; Chang, C. H.; Brinker, C. J.; Zink, J. I.; Nel, A. E. ACS Nano 2013, 7, 10048-10065.

Mechanistic Modeling Identifies Drug-Uptake History as Predictor of Tumor Drug Resistance and Nano-Carrier-Mediated Response.
Pascal, J.; Ashley, C. E.; Wang, Z.; Brocato, T. A.; Butner, J. D.; Carnes, E. C.; Koay, E. J.; Brinker, C. J.; Cristini, V.. ACS Nano 2013, 7(12)11174-82.

Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticle Nanocarriers: Biofunctionality and Biocompatibility.
Tarn, D.; Ashley, C. E.; Xue, M.; Carnes, E. C.; Zink, J. I.; Brinker, C. J. Accounts of Chemical Research 2013, 46, 792-801.

Re-examining the Size/Charge Paradigm: Differing in Vivo Characteristics of Size- and Charge-Matched Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles.
Townson, J. L.; Lin, Y.-S.; Agola, J. O.; Carnes, E. C.; Leong, H. S.; Lewis, J. D.; Haynes, C. L.; Brinker, C. J. Journal of the American Chemical Society 2013, 135, 16030-16033.

Revealing the Interfacial Self-Assembly Pathway of Large-Scale, Highly-Ordered, Nanoparticle/Polymer Monolayer Arrays at an Air/Water Interface.
Xiong, S.; Dunphy, D. R.; Wilkinson, D. C.; Jiang, Z.; Strzalka, J.; Wang, J.; Su, Y.; de Pablo, J. J.; Brinker, C. J. Nano Letters 2013, 13, 1041-1046.

Dip Coating.
Brinker, C.J.; In Chemical Solution Deposition of Functional Oxide Thin Films, ed. Schneller, T; Waser, R; Kosec, M; Payne, D.; 2013; p. 233-261. Springer Vienna.

Influence of Material Properties on TiO2 Nanoparticle Agglomeration.
Zhou, D.; Ji, Z.; Jiang, X-M.; Dunphy, D.; Brinker, C.J.; Keller, A.; PLoS One; Nov. 25, 2013; vol. 8; no. 11; p. e81239.