2016 Publications

"SNL Capabilities for IV&V-DARPA BTO".
Ruffing, Anne, Bachand, George David, Timlin, Jerilyn A., Manginell, Ronald P., Hudson, Corey, Williams, Kelly Porter, Rempe, Susan, Brinker, C. Jeffrey, Olszewska-Wasiolek, Maryla Aleksandra, Hanson, Donald J., and VanderNoot, Victoria A. Sandia National Lab.(SNL-NM), Albuquerque, NM (United States); Sandia, 2016

"A novel approach for targeted delivery to motoneurons using cholera toxin-B modified protocells MAG Porras",
Porras, M.A.G., Durfee, P.N., Gregory, A.M., Sieck, G.C., Brinker, C.J. and Mantilla, C.B., Journal of neuroscience methods 273, 160-174 12 2016

"Ligand-targeted theranostic nanomedicines against cancer".
Yao, V.J., D'Angelo, S., Butler, K.S., Theron, C., Smith, T.L., Marchio, S., Gelovani, J.G., Sidman, R.L., Dobroff, A.S., Brinker, C.J. and Bradbury, A.R., Journal of Controlled Release 240, 267-286 70 2016

"Repetitive dosing of fumed silica leads to profibrogenic effects through unique structure–activity relationships and biopersistence in the lung".
B Sun, X Wang, YP Liao, Z Ji, CH Chang, S Pokhrel, J Ku, X Liu, M Wang, ACS nano 10 (8), 8054-8066 14 2016

"Mesoporous silica nanoparticle-supported lipid bilayers (protocells) for active targeting and delivery to individual leukemia cells".
Durfee, P.N., Lin, Y.S., Dunphy, D.R., Muñiz, A.J., Butler, K.S., Humphrey, K.R., Lokke, A.J., Agola, J.O., Chou, S.S., Chen, I.M. and Wharton, W., ACS nano 10 (9), 8325-8345 57 2016

"Protocells: modular mesoporous silica nanoparticle‐supported lipid bilayers for drug delivery".
Butler, K.S., Durfee, P.N., Theron, C., Ashley, C.E., Carnes, E.C. and Brinker, C.J., 12 (16), 2173-2185 56 2016

"Flash Sintering of solution synthesized Bi2Te3 nanoplatelets".
Chou, S.S., Kaehr, B., Swartzentruber, B., Cook, A., Janish, M., Beechem, T., Carter, C.B., Brinker, C.J. and Ingersoll, D., ABSTRACTS OF PAPERS OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 251 2016

"Integrated nanotechnology platform for tumor-targeted multimodal imaging and therapeutic cargo release".
Hosoya, H., Dobroff, A.S., Driessen, W.H., Cristini, V., Brinker, L.M., Staquicini, F.I., Cardó-Vila, M., D’Angelo, S., Ferrara, F., Proneth, B. and Lin, Y.S., Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113 (7), 1877-1882 20 2016

"Designing Biomimetic, Dissipative Material Systems".
Balazs, A.C., Whitesides, G.M., Brinker, C.J., Aranson, I.S., Chaikin, P., Dogic, Z., Glotzer, S., Hammer, D., Irvine, D., Little, S.R. and Olvera de la Cruz, M., Univ. of Pittsburgh, PA (United States) 2016